Mayor's Office


elcome to the Mayor's office page. I will use this as a way to try and give information to all residents and concerned parties of things going on within the village of Walton. If anyone has any ideas that would benefit everyone feel free to let me know and I will pass it on to the Village Board for discussion. Myself and the Village Board are your representatives and we are here to try and make the best decisions possible for the benefit and welfare of everyone living or visiting our village. Here are a few things we are planning on doing this summer and fall;

  1. Regarding paving we will be doing Terrace Ave, Sewel Ave, Marvin Ave, Holly Ave, Fancher Ave, Mead St( from the Bridge to Howell Ave) and St Johns St (from Mead to Burton St).

  2. We will be replacing the sidewalk on East St, from Liberty to Townsend St.

  3. On upper Delaware St and Munn we will be installing some new catch basins to try and eliminate a lot of the ground water flooding that occurs in that area.

  4. We will be installing a catch basin on West St, across from Fire Department to try and eliminate excess water accumulating there.

  5. We are replacing old water lines on Cory St and Platt St ( between Townsend and North St).

  6. The State Department of Transportation will be paving Delaware St from High St to Prospect Ave and then proceed left on Route 10 till close to village property line.

We are also in the process of talking to two businesses about moving into Walton and if both come it would be over 200 jobs. When we are 100% positive I will make formal announcement to community. If anyone knows of any businesses wanting to relocate please let me know and we will gladly sit down and talk of ways to make that happen.